Google Chrome wont start


I just reinstalled my / partition and kept my home drive. I reinstalled Google Chrome but it wont launch, error code wont give much help. Can someone help figure out how to fix this. Im quite new to EndeavourOS (Arch) and its error logs, any help would be much appreciated.
This is what journalctl gives:

Not too sure but I would look under .config first (in the home folder) and delete the folder with chromes settings (should be just called chrome but unsure as I don’t use)
If you are unsure about doing this just rename it and test


Thanks Smokey, that did it!

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You’re welcome, normally when I do a fresh install with any old files/settings backed up thats the first location I check if I get any errors, if I’m unsure I’ll rename the file or move them before removing

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I has been years ago since I have used Linux, Im now dualbooting it with Windows but Im more on my Linux last time : )
But sometimes it is a bit hard to get my way into it but learning everyday :slight_smile:
Glad I found this community
The best to you all! : )


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