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This might be something that is easy to fix but I added Google Chrome and Brave browser using yay and then tried to make Chrome my default browser. Every time I close the window it resets and asks me AGAIN if I want to make it my default browser (which I do). When I start Brave and it asks me about being the default browser and I agree it keeps the setting and does not ask again.

Appreciate help. TY

What desktop environment are you using?

Technically not using a desktop environment. BSPWM is my only windows manager on the system currently. Fresh install using the community edition.

Ah fair point I should have specified my question more clearly :stuck_out_tongue:

Unfortunately, I only have experience dealing with most of the various DE’s EndeavourOS provides (Gnome, KDE, Xfce, etc), but I don’t currently have any experience in dealing with tiling window managers like bspwm, i3, awesomewm, etc. but it’s always been on my list to things to check out and tinker with. I’ll try to give this a go in Boxes right now and see if I can find anything to provide.

Hopefully in the meantime, any other tiling window manager users here may be able to assist you.

Thanks. Just to add to the info. I installed on a different pc the xfce version of endeavouros and likewise installed Chrome and Brave browsers. When Chrome asked to be the default browser and I agreed it did not prompt again. I then installed the community edition of bspwm using the method outlined on

I logged out and then logged into bspwm.

Same result. It will not allow me to keep Chrome as my default browser.

I haven’t tested this out myself, so just a a fair heads up warning! But if you feel like testing the waters you may attempt this below and see if that helps? Keep in mind this IS based on a Manjaro setup, so I’m not at liberty to know if the files are in the same place or not at the moment. Feel free to disregard the information, unless you don’t mind tinkering around a little bit of course.

In order to change the default web browser in Manjaro bspwm you need to change two files. First replace the entries in ~/.config/mimeapps.list with your new default browser. For example firefox.desktop or google-chrome.desktop . Then change/add to ~/.profile the line export BROWSER=path_to_broswer with the path of the browser binary (you can get it with which firefox for example) and that’s all!

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Just to follow up and a thanks to Scotty_Trees. I added the following in the


[Default Applications]
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