Google Chrome 88.0.4324.182 - Jquery & JS blocked

it seems chrome 88.0.4324.182 is now blocking JS or Jquery scripts, I use WHMCS (billing system) which is up2date and use jquery & JS, some API connections via php-curl are also blocked.
Is there a workaround to allow JS, Jquery curl requests?

My first questions would have been “Is it supposed to be blocking these scripts, and if so, why?”

Could it be, perhaps, that those scripts have known security issues and this is a problem that the website needs to fix? Or, is it simply an issue with this particular closed-source and proprietary browser that needs to be reported to Google?

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I have no idea … I guess some JS or Jquery stuff are blocked since latest update, in chromium it works, strange

Maybe this?


You don’t need to guess - open the “Developer tools” and look at the “Network” tab:

You’ll be able to easily see if there is a pattern to the blocking. You might also try a Guest window to rule out any extensions/addons or preference settings.

Sounds like a profile issue, then, e.g. have you tried clearing cookies and cache?

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thank you!
maybe caused by a permission issue in the chrome cache folder, I have deleted the folder from cache and now it works!