Good source for light/dark day/night wallpaper variants - same motive

Hi there,

I love the light/dark mode switching along with wallpapers that adopt colors to it. In Plasma there are already some wallpaper pairs, GNOME as well, but I want more choice. It must not come in a package suitable for my desktop environment with xml files etc. Two pics of the same motive in light/dark or during day/night are sufficient. I then can prepare a Plasma “package/directory” by myself.

It just that using Google for light/dark, day/night couple, pair gives you funny results (two people holding hand in the night whatever) but not what I’m looking for.

So may be take this as a start for wallpaper pairs and/or URLs to resources.

Thanks a lot - happy to see your suggestions

Edit: to give you an idea…

Rancho (MacOS)

As it happens, those Rancho wallpapers have been my day/night walls for some time. They’re great :grin:

Here are some others that I often use:


Thanks @kabe - exactly what I’m looking for. Especially the desert pics (with the tree) are great!

You’re very welcome.

The desert scene has some extra versions here if you prefer a slightly different time of day:

You may need to download and extract as an archive to get to the individual images.


Some great wallpapers for the collection, thanks for sharing them

Wow, that third one from above brings back memories. That’s the one we used for our first release and later came the one we modified.

But, back on-topic… My apologies for going off-topic.


Yep - first and still the best, IMO :grinning:

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It was used by Samsung for their phones back then. We didn’t know that, that’s why we stopped using it. :wink: