Good source for light/dark day/night wallpaper variants - same motive

Hi there,

I love the light/dark mode switching along with wallpapers that adopt colors to it. In Plasma there are already some wallpaper pairs, GNOME as well, but I want more choice. It must not come in a package suitable for my desktop environment with xml files etc. Two pics of the same motive in light/dark or during day/night are sufficient. I then can prepare a Plasma “package/directory” by myself.

It just that using Google for light/dark, day/night couple, pair gives you funny results (two people holding hand in the night whatever) but not what I’m looking for.

So may be take this as a start for wallpaper pairs and/or URLs to resources.

Thanks a lot - happy to see your suggestions

Edit: to give you an idea…

Rancho (MacOS)