Good free web hosters

hi do you know any good free web hosters for basically “simple website”

I think you may have made a typo here


firefox auto completion


That edit makes a lot more sense, should help someone be able to point you in the right direction

Wordpress(dot)org and Tumblr.

But also…

…here are some alternatives.

Your options will vary, depending on how you want to build your site. A static site, could be hosted on Cloudflare Pages for example. This gives you direct access to their CDN and performance and security benefits. However, you’d probably need to know a thing or two about creating a static site (pure HTML / JS / CSS, no server side code). Not the most difficult thing, but a step you may not want.

There are popular options like, or Wix which have free options, and incorporate a graphical website builder to make things easier. If I’m not mistaken though, the free option will present ads.

Then there’s free hosting options like Pro Free Host (I can not vouch for this), which were one of the most highly rated “free” options in @ddnn’s link. As you might expect from a service that’s entirely free though, the reviews aren’t exactly glowing.

Personally, I would recommend pursuing not free, but very cheap options. This opens up many more options for you (and again, would vary depending on skill set and how you want to build the site).

for now i only need php support