Good forum for learning about building a PC

As the title says, I want to learn how to build a video editing workstation/gaming PC.

What forums do you all recommend as a good place to get started as noob and learn about what I need to do to build my own PC?

I have been watching random YT videos, and reading blog posts. What online community is the best place to interact with experienced pc builders? may be one possible place to start. There’s a complete hardware section, so you can at least find out about various hardware components.

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Have a look at the build guides here to get an idea of what is needed, within a particular budget and type of PC required:

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thanks for the recommendations!

What kind of budget are you working with and is it going to include a new monitor etc or just the tower itself?

2,000 USD, just the tower, I have a current desktop, so I’ll be using my monitor from that.

You should have no problem with that. I already priced it out in Cdn so this will get you decent parts. I use parts picker sometimes but I’m so familiar with the parts and pricing i just look up the stuff from my Canadain computer parts supplier where i purchase everything.

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I am hoping with some new GPUs coming out in the next few months and the crypto crash, that maybe I can get a decent graphics card somewhat close to msrp

All graphics cards i buy are MSRP. I only buy from a reputable supplier who doesn’t play that game. Mostly it is AMD cards they have availability. I don’t see much Nvidia. The new AMD Ryzen processors will also be available in the coming months and they are a new am5 socket design so will be a newer motherboard with DDR5 memory. Boards should also be Pci-e 5.0 Keep in mind the latest newest products will be more expensive.

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