Good App to check disk usage

Any suggestions on a good disk usage app? I have 120gb SSD and have less than 50GB left. All my Timeshift backs up are in drive B (500GB non-ssd)

I wanted to see what I can remove to make more space in the primary drive.

Any suggestions would be appropriate it.

From the AUR qDirStat is pretty good.

KDE app Filelight is also pretty good.


Thank you. I will give these a try.

From a command line ncdu is pretty nice.


Filelight is a nice GUI for disk usage. Makes it very easy to identify large files/directories etc.

Filelight is a KDE graphical disk usage analyzer, which uses the sunburst chart technique to display disk usage. Instead of showing a tree view of the files within a partition or directory, or even a columns-represent-directories view like xdiskusage, it shows a series of concentric pie charts representing the various directories within the requested partition or directory and the amount of space they use (this method being known as a sunburst chart, ring chart, or multilevel pie chart). A user may also click on the pie chart segment representing a particular directory, and repeat the analysis for that directory, right click that segment to open a file manager or terminal emulator in that location, or copy to clipboard or delete the directory, and they may right click the segment representing a file to open it, copy it to the clipboard, or delete it.

Source ; Wikipedia

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and gtk based:

extra/baobab 41.0-1 (317.7 KiB 1.5 MiB) [gnome] 
    A graphical directory tree analyzer


One more command line tool: gdu
Pretty fast.


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