Gnome X11 multiple monitor refresh rates with no issues in games?

Hello All,
Please let me know if I need to move this to the gaming section but I figured I would drop this here first.

TLDR: What does EndeavourOS do differently than other distributions in regards to X11 implementation?

Recently I’ve been distro hopping trying to get a stable DE that catered to multiple monitors with different refresh rates (60, 144,240). I have tried fedora, ubuntu, and other Arch distros that all requried me to run Wayland which is iffy on Nvidia compatability or run X11 which ultimately runs perfect except I couldn’t run games at max refresh rates per my 240hz monitor without disabling the slower monitors. Fast forward to me installing EndeavourOS (Gnome mind you, as I’m done with KDE till it’s patched) and out of the box each monitor is supported under it’s own max refresh rate while gaming appears to run at max FPS. I’ve only really tested this on my main display at 240hz but absolutely no issues. On Fedora when running x11 I had to actually disable my other monitors to get the game to run remotely well. So there in is my question, how is EndeavourOS running X11 differently?

might be related to Nvidia driver. Not sure what was used on Fedora.