Gnome todo doesn't use system theme

I installed the Gnome todo app from the gnome-extra group, but for some reason it doesn’t adopt my set gtk theme (it uses adwaita instead). I’m used to this when installing Flatpaks, but I’m at a loss as to why it’s doing it here. Any ideas? Or ideas on how I can fix it?

Welcome to the purple :enos: side of Linux. Your DE is Budgie, right?


gnome-todo is a gtk4 ‘app’ also depended on libadwaita ;;; there was much to do about that :slight_smile:

mayby search a theme that do use gtk4 ? idk…

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Or you can switch to another app that’s not from GNOME. I use Todour from AUR which is a pretty simple ToDo list maker.

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or you can try pantheon-tasks :slight_smile:

I liked Gnome todo because it could sync with Nextcloud. Do you know of any other todo apps that can do that?

pantheon-task is a gtk application atleast probably also use gnome-online-accounts hats needed as example to do with nextcloud ?

Yes! It did automatically sync with Nextcloud. That works perfectly – thanks!

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