Gnome themes are mixed on some apps

hey guys, i have done a fresh endeavor install with gnome but some of my apps such as discord, alacritty and atom have a light theme in their top bar

any ideas regarding how to deal with this?

Gnome comes with a light theme by default.
You might want to set GTK themes as per you wish using the instructions here:

Furthermore Qt apps won’t follow that theme. You need to set it separately as per instructions here:

i enabled the dark mode thru the sttings, should it still be having mixed themes
and secondly
are atom and discord qt apps???

I don’t think so. These are electron apps that should follow the gtk theming.
Can you show us what settings you have changed to enable dark theming?
Have you followed the instructions in the arch wiki?
You have set it separately for GTK4 and GTK2/3

other than this i installed the gnome wallpapers from pacman

some eos apps such as the quickstart installer and the welcome app are having a similar issue

Please follow the instructions in the archwiki articles I have linked above. You are not setting the gtk theme. EOS apps all follow the gtk theme set by the user.

alr, noted
also since we r on this topic, the arch repos are shipping atom beta as in the atom package
is that normal

Depends on the package maintainer. But most packages on arch are the latest versions.
Arch is a rolling distro that ships with bleeding edge software

there are some theming things mixed up in this thread :wink:

On Gnome 42 the default apps now using libadwaita and what we were used before to is gone legacy-gtk theming so you have now apps using libadwaita that can mainly only be changed to light and dark in gnome-control-center and the so-called legacy-gtk apps can be configured inside tweaks tool… and if you do not want to go deeper into this the only thing you can do is set legacy theme to use adwaita or adwaita dark to make them fit…
In addition to this… qt applications will not follow any of this settings and need to get setup by other tools…
and keep in mind we also have qt mixed up with qt5 and qt6… currently all in transition…


back to plasma it is for me ig, the transitions are messing stuff up real bad

Use what works for you.
If you want to stick with gtk based desktop environments MATE is a good choice. You can set gtk theme easily in the settings menu

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