Gnome Theme Issue

After installing theme it got applied on some apps but it doesn’t support the overall system or the theme is not applying on my system.

I m using theme

Need Help…

Gnome is extremely push with libadwaita and many themes are not fully compatible. Do you have this problem with other themes that are available?

Yes, whatever the theme is its same it won’t apply on the system

Where are the themes being installed? I’ve never installed in a .themes folder in my /home and had it work properly. Is it installed under your home/user or under /usr/share/themes? Are all of them coming from GitHub? Have you tried installing a theme from the AUR?

You also need to go into gnome tweaks and change the theme for legacy applications.

The reality though, there’s a pretty good chance you won’t get gtk3/gtk4 AND qt applications all identical with the same theme within gnome.

@brucehankins @fbodymechanic
my themes are both on ~/theme of my home and /usr.share/themes
and i have also changed theme on gnome tweaks…

can you tell me which theme you r using ???

I only use generic “dark” in setting and “adwaira-dark” in tweaks for legacy applications.

Note of you don’t have the user-theme extension installed, you can’t do legacy applications.

I literally don’t care about theming other than just dark.


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On Gnome I only use Breeze and Dark. I’ve tried using Orchis-Dark as that’s one of my favorite themes, but there are compatibility issues with some GTK4 apps still. I haven’t found a theme that works well on Gnome with everything yet.
I tend to stick with KDE and mostly use Gnome in a VM, I just can’t get behind that DE. So my experience may not be as valid as someone that uses Gnome as their daily driver DE.

Side note, if you’re using Flatpak apps, you’ll have to install the corresponding Flatpak theme or update your config file to force the system theme. It’s not perfect either.

They have butchered window theming last year, I hoped someone comes up with a solution by now.
I only use a shell theme, that still works.

You might try installing Juno theme like described here where it talks about “installing themes”. Basically copy what is in




Have you tried this app?

This is by design. More and more GNOME applications are being ported to use libadwaita, the use of which forces the built-in Adwaita styling. The best way around it is to use Gradiance (linked above) or doing what @wickedlester said.


I’ve tried the following for gnome with good results:

edit the environment file in the etc/ directory:

adding the line GTK_THEME=Name-of-your-theme

save and close and then log-out/log-in.

Some odd programs might not apply the theme, but it is much better overall.

Additional note to the Gradience alternative: it is available in the AUR since some time.

Have a good one!