Gnome suspend not working

Hi guys,

My gnome suspend gui option is not working while systemctl suspend does work. (will resume)

Any ideas where the difference comes from? Running nvidia.

Interestingly GUI suspend does work before my user is logged in.

I had a similar issue back in the days when I was using kubuntu and this solved it for me. However, on endeavour you might want to skip those sudo install lines. I haven’t tested this. I was on kubuntu when I had a similar issue.

I remember that every time I suspend I get logged out instead which was probably because I updated my nvidia driver from 418-sever to 470 which use two different methods for gpu power management.

Edit: my bad I didn’t notice that systemctl suspend works. That is entirely different to what I encounterd. It may be a gnome shell issue though, I’m no expert, sorry.