Gnome Software use?

I am new to both Arch and Endeavour. I installed on a Pinebook Pro. I am a Debian user and it was more complex than I am use to. I am a software users and pay little attention to the OS, just expecting it to work. It appears that it does run well. Thanks for creating it.

Gnome Software did not show any applications when I first ran it. I installed flatpak and it does show flatpac application and installs them alright.

Is there a gui for software in Endeavour similar to say Synaptic? For instance I need to install gscan2pdf. That requires an OCR backend and some dictionaries, whose names I do not know, leaving me unsure how to get it installed with pacman. Any help would be appreciated and again thanks for a nice stable system installed to an nvme drive on the Pinebook Pro.


Using the terminal, type:

yay archlinux-appstream-data-pamac pamac-all

Then after it has installed you can go to your menu, type pamac, and you will see Add or Remove Software. This is the pamac interface, and helps you to find software as Synaptic does.

NB: Pamac is primarily a Manjaro project, and every so often it breaks, as it updates at a lesser speed than Archlinux (where EndeavourOS is coming from), so just beware it may fail for a time, as it did earlier this year.

tkpacman looks pretty close but is tk kinda old design :stuck_out_tongue:

interesting question - if you “just expecting it to work” - what made you want to leave behind Debian? That’s arguably the best reason to use it there is.

Sort of. As stated above - pamac-all is your best bet. I would still avoid it. Just search packages from and and then install them via terminal. I like searching the website more than terminal personally, BUT if you prefer, you can search applications with pacman -Ss packagename or yay -Ss packagename to search AUR also.

For your last question - From the AUR you can try I don’t know if it’s the same - or you can build it from git if it’s available.

@fbodymechanic excuse me for butting in on this topic but what is -Ss? I normally use yay with just -S or pacman or whatever. Just curious :man_shrugging:

It is one of the quite useful pacman/yay options. More: man pacman
Essentially it is a package search feature.

Example: pacman -Ss python debug

Welcome to the forum @wove :partying_face: :tada: :balloon:

Here is a little table of some of the more useful pacman options I have compiled, just for situations like this:

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Install packagekit and gnome-software-packagekit-plugin:

sudo pacman -Syu packagekit gnome-software-packagekit-plugin

Reboot and launch gnome-software.


As @manuel mentioned. It’s used for searching in the terminal. You may find this interesting.

Oh OK @fbodymechanic and @manuel Thanks for the replies. It’s extra information when required Got that and read the Wiki. Cool. :grin:

Thanks also @Kresimir I have a pacman/rosetta in my firefox bookmarks toolbar but being a lazy bast**** I don’t always use the commands. It’s good to be reminded sometimes! :laughing:

Is there a gui for software in Endeavour similar to say Synaptic?

Octopi -

yay -S octopi

Pamac, but it is written by Manjaro. Ultimately the CLI is your friend , not a GUI.

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EndeavourOS is a terminal-centric distro. So, if you like using the CLI, it will be an excellent distro for you. But if you don’t, I’m sure you can easily find something better.

That said, there are GUI package managers that more or less work on EndeavourOS, but there is none I would recommend.

A bit harsh I think. Terminal-centric yes but not using a GUI, I think not. Lighten up! I do believe that using and learning the terminal is the best way to learn Linux though.

What are you talking about? Where did I say that you should not use a GUI?

If you like using the terminal, you’ll probably have a great time using a terminal centric distro like EndeavourOS. If you don’t like using the terminal, you can find a much better distro than EndeavourOS. There is nothing controversial about that statement :rofl:

Regarding GUI, I only said that there are no GUI package managers that work on EndeavourOS that are good enough I would be willing to recommend them. Pamac is rubbish, in my opinion, and Octopi is hardly any better. And I’m completely fine with that state of affairs, since Pacman is great, and so is Yay, and when it comes to package management, I have everything I could wish for.

Just your reccommedations . No inoffence intontented (sorry for bad spelling)

Thanks for the reply. I’ll shut up for now. Sometimes I’m talking rubbish. I think Pamac works better than Octopi but they both pull in dependciences of course.

Don’t worry. Some would even think anything but TTY is bloat :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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