Gnome software and Pamac

can i get all repositories like flatpak , AUR in gnome software?

and can i make Paman like gnome software?
just i want all pamac option in gnome software or make pamac like gnome software store ? pamac look like old style

You can get flatpak but not AUR. Also, you should never use gnome software to install or update packages on any Arch-based distro.


It just doesn’t work that way. If you want a GUI package manager there are only 3 real options. bauh, pamac and octopi. pamac is the closest thing to a store interface that is available…


theme for pamac ? anything can change pamac interface ?

It follows your gtk theme.

Not really. Which version of pamac do you have installed?

pacman -Qs pamac

thanks for commands

[nahian@nahian-pc ~]$ pacman -Qs pamac
local/archlinux-appstream-data-pamac 1:20211122-1
    Arch Linux application database for AppStream-based software centers (Fixed for pamac-aur and pamac-all packages)
local/libpamac-full 1:11.2.0-1
    Library for Pamac package manager based on libalpm - flatpak and snap support enabled
local/pamac-all 10.3.0-2
    A Gtk3 frontend for libalpm (everything in one package - snap, flatpak, appindicator)
[nahian@nahian-pc ~]$ 

yes i saw when i change global theme , but its change color not interface

I don’t think you will get the appearance of Gnome Software on Pamac unless you talk to Pamac’s developer (with some compelling arguments).

You can’t change the interface of pamac to look like gnome software unless you fork the application and change the code yourself.

I understand that you want a software store that looks like gnome software with full support for the repos, flatpak and aur but that doesn’t exist.

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not only gnome software , just i want nice looking interface for pamac .

Like @dalto has said several times. Unless you want to fork the application and then rewrite the code yourself what you are asking for does not exist.

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i am new in linux and i never write code for any app so thats why i am asking

Get in touch with guinux and propose some ideas for Pamac’s user interface. He might be keen on some of them. You never know…

Let me be extra clear, what you are looking for doesn’t exist.


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