Gnome Shell on mobile phone


Looks good to me!



problem is…no phones run linux

at least none that matter or are worth the time/$ :neutral_face:

PinePhone Pro, sort of.
Keeping the hope alive.

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I think it runs Manjaro KDE Phosh

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I was also digging around there a bit :wink:

Ya… it’s KDE! :laughing:

Best phone experience so far.


What phone is it? Did it come preinstalled?

Edit: Google Pixel?

Did you read the article? :wink:

Spoiler: Gnome Shell mobile support is coming along nicely :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


See the GIF :blush:

I was referring to the Pine Pro that has Kde preinstalled. :wink:

Ah, I see. For now!

Google Pixel 4XL

It did not come pre installed, I flashed it again yesterday. I had the motherboard and battery replaced under warranty.

I also just picked up a OnePlus 8T for Calyx as well. It’s in beta testing and should be ready for the big dance in a month or two.

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Why Calyx and not Lineage?

Lot more :wink:

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That the 1st thing removed :rofl:


Because I like that when it’s done being flashed I can still relock the boot loader, and because they don’t necessarily do a lot of different phones, but install is stupid simple and just works. Unlike Linux, phone stuff in completely lost of something were to happen in install process.

Oh yes, I am also really happy with my Android, however I’m on GrapheneOS :smile: Both Calyx and Graphene are awesome :ok_hand:

I came across another smartphone, which has different OS :


Specification-wise this looks very strong contender. Though, its sale is not available in my India.