Gnome-setting-center breakdown turn to LXQT now

I have use manjaro-budgie for almost two I like to choose budgie-desktop.
but anytime my mouse move to multi-task in system-setting bar,it broke down.
and I can do noting.
in the terminal window I saw bug report just like modem1 service etc something is wrong.

It is difficult to find out about your problem from this information and the thread title.

It could be related to your hardware (click eos welcome app on log tool and post link here) or perhaps theming/applets (try disabling them).

Are you now using Manjaro? Have you switched to lxqt? That’s rather radical change, and not that pleasing as KDE plasma or you could try mate which is probably more similar to budgie.

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While I know we are not fond of necroing posts, I would like to provide some background for this.

GNOME Control Center in GNOME 41 introduced changes to the multitasking view. This view assumed the user was using GNOME Shell (fair enough) and thus various gschemas from GNOME Shell. As Budgie isn’t based on GNOME Shell and therefore didn’t rely on its schemas, nor do most users have both Budgie Desktop and GNOME Shell installed at the same time, the schemas did not exist. This would cause GNOME Control Center to segfault.

Now, this wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that GNOME Control Center attempts to restore the last selected panel. This would result in GNOME Control Center perpetually segfaulting unless you used the CLI to choose a specific panel.

This among other issues is exactly why we (Buddies of Budgie) forked GNOME Control Center into our own Budgie Control Center. We offer other value-add on top of it, but for some time this was a problem basically for anyone on GNOME 41 that wasn’t on Solus. There was a lot of other issues in Solus I was dealing with and trying to address around that time, so I didn’t have the mental energy to really commit to forking GNOME Control Center, so it ended up only happening in January when I left Solus and created Buddies of Budgie. Mea culpa.

Either way, it is solved nowadays and just awaiting landing in Arch repos proper. They have yet to do that, despite the fact if was announced that it would be a requirement for Budgie 10.6 and all new 10.x releases. Until then it is in the AUR and maintained by @serebit and myself.

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