Gnome remote desktop sharing input issue

It has been like this ever since they switched to RDP (Gnome 42?). Connecting from Windows, it functions properly for about a minute, but then it begins experiencing input problems. For example, button presses get stuck and repeatedly type a letter for around 5 seconds. There are also instances where I can’t click on anything for half a minute, although I can still see the mouse moving on the host PC.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work well with Android clients either. I have tested three different clients, and all of them had some issues. Did you guys find a client that works?

Do you have any recommendations for remote access on Wayland Gnome? Rustdesk doesn’t support Wayland yet afaik. Would be nice if it works on android too.

This is still an issue, it kind of makes gnome’s rdp solution unusable on the local network even.

If I leave the connection on for like five minutes and let it run in the background there will a minute delay in the rdp picture, it’s like it queues up the frames and sends it to the rdp client without dropping frames, no matter that it’s a minute late already. AND there isn’t even a video or something other than some text change on the screen, if there’s a video playing it gets laggy in 10 seconds, it feels like the rdp server is trying to push every frame through.

I have to reconnect constantly, because it’s unusable otherwise. I didn’t use it for a while, because I had an older router with stability issues, but I changed it recently no problems with the local network. I have no issues if I connect to a windows pro machine.

Any idea how to make it more responsive? Some server side settings? Doesn’t matter if it’s potato quality and 10fps. Tried googling, no idea how to configure the freerdp behind gnome’s remote desktop implementation.

I tried to lower the quality on the client side, tried the built in windows rdp client and the microsoft store official client, but they barely make any difference when I try to lower the quality settings(if it’s even really possible wit these apps?)

Some suggestions would be welcome. Some rdp client that can really be tuned for performance. Or a different protocol that’s wayland compatible and I can login with a password? Rustdesk is a whole big @ss app, I want something that quietly runs in the background… Most likely I will have to set up a vnc server, but I wish this worked out-of-the-box.