Gnome, hibernate when closing lid

First of all, hi and thanks for reading.

So, here’s the situation. Sleep/Suspend is utterly broken on my laptop. It simply won’t recover. From what I read, it’s a common issue with HP laptops like mine.

I disabled auto-suspend and set the power button to hibernate. But, I still have a problem to solve. When closing the lid it goes into suspend which obvious causes me issues. I want the computer to go into hibernate instead when I close the lid.

Can anybody help me?


I found a solution on the Manjaro’s forum.

It actually worked so I’m gonna post it here.

open this file

look for this line


remove the # and change what is after = to hibernate so it looks like this.



Hey! Welcome to EOS! Glad your issue’s been resolved. There’s a support forum that’s open for these kinds of queries, just jump to the root of the forum to get to it. Beyond that, - hope you have fun exploring what’s available to you, good luck!