Gnome Extensions, what are YOUR favorites?

Seriously thinking about giving Gnome another chance, curious what extensions all you Gnome users can’t live without? Thanks!

Well, I can think of a life without Gnome, Linux, computers etc… wait a minute… now that’s nice!

Anyways, these are some of mines, in alphabetic order:

Appindicator and KStatusNotifierItem Support
Blur my shell
Clipboard indicator
Custom Hot Corners - Extended
Dash to Panel
Hide Top Bar
Just Perfection
Sound Input & Output Device Chooser

All working under Gnome 41, BTW :sunglasses:

PS- I know already you can get all these and more on KDE Plasma :crazy_face:


Dash to Panel works with Gnome 41 now?

Yes. You need the git version for now.

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Thanks for the heads up, I also like icons/folders on my desktop lol.

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  • Just Perfection
  • Dash to dock
  • One of the Appindicator extensions whose name I can’t remember right now

That looks to be a tough one. I see two extensions at but both seem to be OUT-dated.

Edit- There seems to be an official Gnome extension for desktop icons too but I haven’t looked into it further:

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I only use a few, and none are big changes to the desktop.

  • panel scroll - allows workspace switching by scrolling on top bar
  • Sound Input & output Device Chooser - allows you to change sound in the power button drop down.
  • Unite - mainly just using for tray icons
  • Window is Ready - Notification Remover - removes that notification that says window is ready
  • Auto Move Windows - used to place specific apps on specific workspace

Is there an extension so that i can minimize things to my task bar/panel(Dash to Panel?)? :thinking:

yes dash-to-panel, taskbar-2000, and dash-to-dock gives you indicators like mac
taskbar 2000 needs a mod to make compatible the file metadata.jason needs changing to 41 like this
“name”: “TaskBar 2020”,
“shell-version”: [

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Thanks! :+1:t3:

The git version didn’t work, but the non git version was updated 2 days ago.

Manually Installed
1.Blur My Shell
4.Dash To Panel

1.Pamac Updates Indicator

Thats all, hopefully they don’t break with the 41.1 update. :nerd_face:

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Oh sorry about that!
I had Gnome updated to 41 from gnome-unstable a while back so I needed the git version of dash-to-panel.

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No worries, don’t tell @ricklinux I moved to Gnome from Plasma :nerd_face: :joy:


My lips are :zipper_mouth_face:


You must have been coerced. How much did they pay you? :laughing:


Ok i spoke to soon, i had to reboot and now the Dash To Panel is disabled. No clue what happened, worked great prior to a reboot. :thinking:

Did you look in the Extension app to see if you can re-enable it?

Or if you got Gnome updated to 41.1 it might be that dash-to-panel is incompatible with it and you need the git version?

Yea i updated to Gnome 41.1, that’s what happened lol.

Is there a way to get the clock font larger/icons?


Not sure. Have never thought of it :blush:

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