Gnome-extensions-app non-functional for extension settings

The gnome-extensions-app appears to be broken for changing settings of extensions.

The gnome-extensions-app starts up fine, but when clicking on the “settings” of any extensions, it briefly opens up the panel, only to vanish a few moments later. Once that happens, the “settings” button for all extensions becomes unresponsive. Only a logout/login cycle fixes that, but then again, that’s only for a brief moment.

I’ve downgraded to all versions of gnome-shell 45, but stopped downgrading further since that brought other dependencies to be downgraded.

There are no logs I can find, and launching the app from a terminal also shows no errors.

Anyone have ideas?

You can adjust the extensions through the website.
search the extension you want to adjust, there you have to the right a toolbox there you can adjust the extension without hanging.

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Great suggestion. I ended up making my changes via dconf and dconf-editor.

Turns out the extensions website produces the same issue. The settings panel for the extensions shows up, only to vanish shortly after. After that, it’s not possible to show an extenions settings panel until I logout and login again.