Gnome Default Power Mode

Does somebody knows how to change the default Power Mode on Gnome? Is just so I can change from power saver to performance on one click

Have a look here:

Thanks, I already have the Daemon running. What I want is to be able to change from power saving to performance on a click, but currently it just switch from the last used profile to the default which is balance.

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You could go to Gnome settings, choose Power on the left side and set the default to Power Saver. Then Power Saver is default instead of Balanced.

I don’t use power-profiles-daemon myself. Just installed and enabled it for the sake of testing.

This is what I see in the setting menu:


Have a look at the CLI as well:

$ powerprofilesctl --help
  powerprofilesctl COMMAND [ARGS…]

  help       Print help
  version    Print version
  get        Print the currently active power profile
  set        Set the currently active power profile
  list       List available power profiles
  list-holds List current power profile holds
  launch     Launch a command while holding a power profile

Interesting. On my system there is no Performance Power mode

Looks like that performance mode is not available in all systems.

For more info:


Thanks @pebcak

From that link

If the AMD P-State scaling driver is not loaded or is not in active mode, then
the placeholder driver will be used, and there won't be a performance mode.

This is indeed my situation. :slight_smile:


Here’s how you can activate it:

If you install the OS with systemd you can add kernel boot parameters by adding them to:
And then:
sudo reinstall-kernels


You can switch between the last one use and the default one just by clicking on Power Mode, without having to go to the arrow menu.
What I want to do is just go from Power Saver to performance and the other way round just by clicking on Power Mode.
The only way I can think of is removing the Balance Profile, but I want to leave that as a last option

Perhaps a shortcut for powerprofilesctl ?


Ah… that’s what you want! Now I get it.

This seems to be a reasonable workaround.
You don’t need to go to systray and click on the “power mode”.

Make shortcuts for

powerprofilesctl set performance
powerprofilesctl set power-saver

Hadn’t thought on a powerprofilesctl shortcut, I’ll use it


Not possible to activate because my laptop doesn’t support cppc

It is also known that power-profiles-daemon is not really working nicely on AMD CPUs could be TLP is a better alternative…


Thanks @joekamprad . Interesting, didn’t know.