GNOME Core Apps Update

Maybe less relevant to :enos: Gnome users who start with the minimal app selection prvided by the installer and then choose their own, but here’s an update on what’s happening with the GNOME Core Apps (some new ones coming and some older ones being dropped).


I can’t imagine Geary replacing Thunderbird.
An interesting read though.


Surely a new “feature” that will be brought on by “our sponsors”.

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We messed up by adding the app to core before downstreams were comfortable with it, and at this point it has become unclear whether Console should remain in core or whether we should give up and bring back Terminal. Console remains for now, but I’m not sure where we go from here. Help welcome.

but… gnome-terminal is not using libadwaita ? :wink:

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So, terminal is coming back? hmm…

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Not yet… but it will be assimilated to libadwaita in a future release.

So is there a replacement for file roller that can drag and drop? Right now nautilus extracts the whole archive… that’s not good UX if I have to remember to clean up after I got what I wanted from the archive… Drag and drop is a big time saver, I open archives often and I have to manually click extract then find the directory where I want to extract to.

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