Gnome 44 error managing the extensions by browser

Hi, someone can help me ?
Yesterday I installed the modules to update to Gnome 44 and now when I try to access to local installed extensions both with Firefox and Chromium arises an error.
Firefox says “An unexpected error occurred”, Chromium “Native host has exited”
The installed module of gnome-browser-connector has version 42.1-3 and I don’t find a newer on AUR repository. This module worked fine on the previous version 43 of Gnome.


I had exactly the same issue after the update.

strangely gnome-browser-connector had become uninstalled

I simply installed it and all was well.

If your gnome-browser-connector is indeed installed, maybe remove and reinstall?


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Thank you.
I tried now, I removed it and installed again. I rebooted but it doesn’t work.
It happens on two different machines similar but not identical.

I had the same problem with gnome-browser-connector and protonvpn, I had to do a cleanBuild with reinstalling packages


What packages did you reinstall ?

Screenshot from 2023-05-07 17-17-20

Choose All bei Packages to cleanBulid


I reinstalled the connector using a clean installation. It works.
Thank you very much


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