GNOME 43 is Here. What's Working, What's Not?

Actually release website

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Much better in what way? more customizability, layout.

I have Dash to Panel now which has everything jammed on the bottom. It feel like Windows 10. But if I put it on the left its impossible to work with.

I can easily switch back to Dash to Dock, which I put on the side to gives me more height.

How do you think Cosmic Dock would comapre? Workflow is what is important to me.

And that’s we want the development. GTK4 is coming along well. I notice things looking better with each point release. Libadwaita is also progressing well.

If they do, flip it back with an extension :rofl:

I haven’t had any issues with compatibility since gnome 40. Dash to dock itself has broke more than once. It has more customization. And most importantly, just seems to work.

I’m giving dash to pane a go, and I quite like it. I don’t use the panel much, I just think it looks cool in screenshots.

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What I like is the mousover while it smoothly scrolls to display the icons. Not jerky or hard to control, so I can live with Dash to Panel. It gives granular control over positioning the other extension icons.
As I am am an explorer at heart, will check out Cosmic Dock. Can you send a screenshot?

Screenshot from 2022-09-21 20-55-39

nice…clean. plenty of space for some Conky :wink:

What extensions work with GNOME 43? And which ones are broken?

dash to dock & panel seem to be supported… heaps that are listed as unsupported

Screenshot from 2022-09-22 18-03-59
Screenshot from 2022-09-22 18-04-28

Surely there’s an extension for that? :wink:


None of the AppIndicator extensions are working on Gnome43, as of yet.

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And both, dash-to-dock and dash-to-dock (Cosmic) aren’t working. While dash-to-dock claims compatibilty with Gnome43, it gets regularly killed, and dash-to-dock (Cosmic) is only available for Gnome 42.

So we have to stick with dash-to panel for the time being.

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I’m running dash to dock atm, works fine for me

Do you have it in auto-hide mode? See what happens, when a fullscreen-window overlaps the dock. With me it always gets killed then.

Thanks for the thorough testing Uwe. I will wait for the Arch repo or maybe the point release to be sure. Epiphany took a while to get the extensions working, so this will most likely be the same experience. Such is life.
Thanks for the Conky configs. I will have a play with them when I fire up a Fedora VM :wink:

Got mine set to auto hide when a window is near, I’ve noticed a bug where it hides when I empty the trash but hasn’t crashed for me at all yet

I wonder how long 43 will take to hit our repo?

@ivanhoe this the one?

Yep, as you can see it is not supporting gnome-shell v.43 yet, but only v.42.

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If only XFCE had decent color profile support, working with ICC profiles with XFCE is more hassle than its worth. KDE at least handles it close to or as well as GNOME does.