GNOME 43 - Boot Fails into: Please Contact System administrator

So, after getting the

Maybe I shouldn’t install this vibe on GNOME 43

I decided to pull the trigger and now when I try to boot, I get a strange message

I don’t exactly know what to do from here?

You have any themes for gdm?

You also may have not gotten all the G43 bits if your mirrors for some reason didnt. Ctrl+ Alt+F6 to drop to tty and login to run

Sudo pacman -Syu gnome


Hey, so I managed to figure it out, seems that I installed Dynamic-Buffer-Mutter from the AUR and it doesn’t seem to properly work with GNOME 43 just yet. Need to remember that key combination, thanks Echoa for saving my Laptop!

Just for the Solution it was:

  1. Ctrl+Alt+F6
  2. Login as Root/Main user
  3. Run paru Mutter
  4. Overwrite Mutter-Dynamic-Buffering with Mutter

Whilst it’s a visual downgrade I’m just happy that everything is working.

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