Gnome 42 version of UI Screenshot etc?

Now that Gnome 42 is officially released, I tried it again after 20+ years when it was not even a real DE. Gnome 42 has improved my workflow dramatically in the short few weeks it’s been installed.

Gnome Software Center does not list extensions yet, so is there a workaround for that?

I really don’t like Gnome 41 screenshot package and expected the new UI Screenshot package to be installed with Gnome 42. But it’s not there. Pamac does not list it. In case you have not seen it, HERE it’s the second package mentioned in their release. How do I get all the Gnome 42 packages?

You can find Gnome extensions here:

From memory, Gnome 42 has 3 new apps: Text Editor (GTK4 replacement to Gedit), Console (GTK4
replacement to Gnome Terminal), and a new screenshot experience. That last one I’m not sure if it’s integrated into part of gnome-shell or not, but it’s not an app per se, it’s part of the desktop. So in order for you to use the new screenshot tool, you have to know the keyboard shortcuts. To access it, press your Print Screen button on the keyboard and it’ll open up for you to use, press Esc to quit/cancel it. So if you’ve installed Gnome 42, then you do have the new screenshot experience. The article you linked also mentions the various commands to use for it.

Just keep in mind new Gnome apps don’t always just go right into the Arch repos automatically (unless it’s a core package), they still need someone to package it and maintain it and since both the new Text Editor and Console are not yet fully featured, fully functional replacements, they are just going to be in the AUR for now.

If your current terminal is Gnome Terminal or Tilix or anything else really, there’s no need to switch to Gnome Console just yet, it’s still in the early stages and it’s not yet meant to replace Gnome Terminal. Feel free to tinker, bug report, or experiment with them if you like though, it is your system after all!

In regards to Gnome Console, the devs have stated:

We are not however trying to replace GNOME Terminal/Tilix, these advanced tools are great for developers and administrators, rather Console aims to serve the casual linux user who rarely needs a terminal

In any case, feel free to read more about them and install them if you fancy!

Gnome Console -

yay -S gnome-console

Gnome Text Editor:

yay -S gnome-text-editor

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