Gnome 42 releases today

Even though I’m pretty firmly on the KDE side of the fence, I think I will be trying out 42 today (I assume that means Gnome OS set, as I doubt arch will get them in today) mainly to see how GTK4 looks in a whole environment.
Oh, I’m glad (last month) I ran quite a bit of GhostBSD in a trial. Turns out that I had an issue with AMD GPUs (and someone in the community knew a configuration solution), and that solution will now be implemented for everyone in the next release. Feels like even by trying the environment, I made a difference.

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Correct - it will go through at least testing before reaching stable; it might even go via gnome-unstable first. Also, 42.1 might be the target release for stable, depending on how things go.

Fabi’s Cafe has a very unofficial repo for anyone who really can’t wait. :grin:

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Ok Jonathon, I’ll bite, tell me what I don’t know (below)


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Thank ye! :slight_smile: Yes, I’m being weird (with language) today. I dunno, leftover Irish from St. Patty’s Day?


using it now, loving it

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Just in case, can be tried in virtual machine as mentioned in OP.

Edit: for new users - this is not meant to run as primary OS, it’s just to try and play with gnome

I decided (for myself) to install Clear Linux (announced as first to have Gnome 42 ready. I hadn’t played with it for at least a year and maybe two or three. So…I’m playing in a partition this morning. (just in case anyone wants a full distro with Gnome 42)

I installed yesterday and it wasn’t Gnome 42.

Mine shows Gnome 42.0 and seems to be.


How long does it take for arch to offer something like this? 1-2 weeks?

Err, as someone said earlier (apologies on not looking back to properly credit), we may not even see 42.0, but rather 42.1. So…umm kinda as long as it takes. I’m still waiting on the 5.17 kernel and that should be less of a big deal (imo).

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Ubuntu 22.04 ships with gnome 42, April 21, before that!?

If the past is a model, Gnome 41 took about 6-7 weeks between release and appearing in Arch repos.

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I can’t believe Arch would let Ubuntu get it out faster than they would lol. It shall be interesting to see who comes up next.

Arch is all volunteers. Ubuntu has revenue, business deals, and paid staff.


It also depends on how much stuff breaks. If 42 is in Arch testing and gets lots of positive responses without any bug reports then it will go to stable quickly. If 42 has many or serious bugs then it will stay in testing until those bugs are fixed.

Ubuntu, on the other hand, will either patch the 42 packages to fix the bugs, or will just ship buggy packages for the release and rely on updates to fix the problems once the OS is installed.

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I didn’t realise that releasing software was a competition… :joy:


It is…it is…to keep your market share you have to release quickly and often. :slight_smile: