Gnome 42 but gtk3 apps

i’ve installed endeavouros with a fresh gnome install, but i noticed some inconsitency: some gnome apps ( termianl, files, …) are still on gtk3 is this normal?


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Probably not all GNOME apps have been migrated to GTK 4 yet. Do you mean that there is inconsistency of appearance?

yes while setting dark mode in settings apps

You have to use Gnome Settings to set the Light/Dark style theme, which only applies to the apps that are GTK4. For most apps however, they are still using GTK3, so you’ll need to use Gnome Tweaks Tool, and change the Appearance for Legacy Applications to your desired theme in the meantime. You may or may not have to close your apps and reopen them for the theme to be applied, or log out and log back in to make sure the theme is applied.


To get everything to look the same with the Dark Theme: yay -S adw-gtk3-git
Info at:

Then select adw-gtk3 with Gnome Tweaks in the legacy area. (also works for Light Theme)

i get that switching to gtk4 will take time for some apps but it’s weird to see core gnome apps like terminal and files still on gtk3