Gnome 40 - what's the opinion?

It’s not a support query but I’m wondering what people think of the new gnome 40? I am used to a panel (dash-to-panel) so finding it a bit of a struggle! What do you think?

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I switched one laptop over to gnome 40 using the gnome-ustable repo. I do miss my dash-to-dock extension, but the longer I go without the more I am comfortable popping up the overview using the super key. … possibly by the time a G40 compatible dash to dock is available I might not want it any more.

I like Gnome 40. Maybe I’ve become too corrupted by corporate having forced Windows machines on me for many years, but I like the new Gnome.

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I kind of get where you’re coming from. For me, Dash to Dock was a hangover from the old Unity days of Ubuntu. A cosy hole I was reluctant to leave. I think the best analogy is macOS. After all, most of the new Gnome gestures seem to ape those of macOS. There’s a lot of gesture learning at first. But once you get used to them, you miss things like Dash to Dock less.

The Applications menu defaults to my Favorites list, which are the apps I had on my dock. I guess I’ve already been trained to go there instead :slight_smile:

The Applications menu defaults to my Favorites list

Is this a feature?

it’s an extension … ‘Applications Menu’ you might want to check it out. seems to have been updated for G40 already and is working fine … so far.

Here is what I am using at the moment for extensions. (I had to build my own copy of Caffeine and still don’t have the preference dialogue working for that one.)

Awesome - thank you!

Gnome is not my cup of tea…


Mine either …

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I am using it (gnome-unstable), but with Pop! Shell tiling. I cannot see any vast improvement, it is just cosmetic. The useless top panel is still useless and I had to turn off extension checking to run hide top panel to get rid of it :frowning:

I can see myself going back to BSPWM soon.

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Oh, it’s working on 40 already?
any special tricks to get it working, or is it just a matter of installing the git version?
I have a laptop running the latest fedora beta… was kinda missing my pop shell plugin on there

Pop shell works out of the box.

2 chaotic-aur/gnome-shell-extension-pop-shell-git r668.77650a9-1 [installed]
     Pop Shell - Tiling window management in Gnome (WIP)
 3 chaotic-aur/pop-shell-shortcuts-git 1:r27.a653635-1 [installed]
     Application for displaying and demoing Pop Shell shortcuts

I flirted with KDE for a bit, but I’m back in gnome land now. I’m liking the new gnome 40 things, particularly the gesture navigation on my laptop.

Did you install the latest fedora beta just to preview Gnome? I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how stable my EndeavourOS machine has been with the [gnome-unstable] repo.

Three finger swipe FTW! … am I right?

Totally, makes workspaces actually intuitive for me, and makes dealing with lack of mouse when I’m not plugged into my desk setup much easier.

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Been running it since 2 days. I really kinda dig it. Wanted a bit more fresh since using KDE for so long.


it gnome so work out of box , smooth +easy to use :grinning: What more is needed :wink: :innocent: