Gnome 40 and terminator

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is there anyone using terminator under Gnome 40? My impression is that the transparency setting is not being honored on the first start of terminator. Exiting and starting again the transparency is there. Could someone check this? I’d like to file a bug report on this but I would appreciate some confirmation.

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Installed, just going to update and reboot to test.

:edit: Nope works perfectly with a basic config:


Thanks for your check. I guess I found the reason but I do not understand it yet. I created a custom profile named cs and put a terminator.desktop into ~/.local/share/applications with Exec=env GDK_BACKEND=x11 terminator --layout=cs. If I simply change the default profile it works. Any idea on this?

Ok, I found it. The env GDK_BACKEND=x11 part seems to be the problem when running under wayland. Omitting this the transparency is ok.

Edit: but still there is the question why it is working when starting the second time :thinking:

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Dunno, I only use Xorg as my scripts that use wmctrl, xdotool etc, do not function :frowning:

I do have a working wayland install, but cairo-dock doesn’t play nicely either.

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