Gnome 3.36 hit the repo

Gnome 3.36 hit the repo and in my experience, the transition went relatively smooth, no major breakage until now. I like the extension menu that they added by default.

Dash to dock and Dash to panel aren’t working yet but they will be updated soon, I imagine.


Thank you @Bryanpwo :+1:
I’ll have a look on my system a little later. I will report back here with any issues / solutions.


all packages have yet to switch to gnome 3.36Capture d’écran de 2020-03-08 14-56-11


Arc menu and dash to panel have both been updated to 3.36 on the page. I am not sure about arc menu but the maintainer of dash to panel suggests installing from github until the gnome dev’s finish reviewing it. I never understood why the gnome dev’s are so opposed to making cosmetic changes to gnome lol.


Ok Update time…

I did the updates as usual in a TTY 3<—I just always do things this way especially if themeing to pull myself out of the GUI.
I also always at the end of an update issue: systemctl reboot
I use wayland. When booted back Arc menu wasn’t there and the shell theme was odd (weird theme on the panel colors). Dash to panel was not working. This left me with the activities menu to navigate although it was hidden via exstension. Using it froze up activities menu.
Once selected it could not be deactivated. Logged out and when logging back in selected gnome classic from the cog instead of wayland. This allowed a working activities menu. Removed and re-added dash to panel and arc menu from Logged back into wayland. Dash to panel although saying it is disabled is still working. Arc menu works normally as well as hide activities menu.

I recommend people using gnome hold off on the updates for a few days until this gets stabilized. I believe I was just lucky here.

My normal Desktop the best as I could get it.

Screenshot from 2020-03-08 14-03-47

Intellihide in dash to panel may also be affected.

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Dash to dock received an update in the AUR and it is working under the new Gnome version.


I know thank you @Bryanpwo. I was experiencing several other GUI related issues as well as input issues (keyboard and mouse) I have reverted back to the timeshift auto snap that was created prior to the update. I have an unwritten rule lol. @SGS Sunday is back up day…do not update :wink:

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Dash to dock is not completly working as before. If you are not running the dash in the panel mode then the 9dot-menu for the applications is missing. You have to switch to panel mode to get the 9dot-menu back.
Gnome shell extension system monitor is not working at all.

During the update all previous Gnome backgrounds were deleted without prior warning.

The rest is running fine.

Am I the only where the update didn’t have issues?

If I look back to the update from Gnome 3.32 to 3.34 this time the update was much smoother. The last time I had a lot more extensions that did not work any more.

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Exactly, for a Gnome update this one was smooth.

All is well. Only thing that remains after update and dash to panel update is dash to panel intellihide is broken.

This is amazing I tweak DE’s pretty hard.

Screenshot from 2020-03-08 17-36-17


I am also waiting for the dash to panel update. I prefer it above Dash to dock.

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me, dash to panel


Might be worth disabling all extensions before upgrading as an extra precaution.

Edit: Update on my main desktop went smoothly.


hello,dash to panel update


I only use arc-menu and dash to panel. Arc-menu had a minor issue after upgrading to 3.36, but the maintaners/developers did a great job to offer a quick fix on this.

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Well, last sunday it was my openion too.
But during the week I had a lot of things that did not work any more.
Now by today dash to dock, shell extension system monitor, lock keys indicator etc. are working again.
Two problems are remaining:

  1. Every time I am restarting Gnome shell with Alt-F2-R-Enter my elementary symbols in Nautilus are gone. To solve it, I have to logout and login Gnome again.
  2. Gnome logs shows the message that system protocoll could not be read but it seems that everything is displayed as before.
    Both are annoying but not are real pain.

My biggest complaint is Grub. It now has an icon to the right of the password entry which toggles between black dots to plain text for password entry. No way I even want the possibility of my password showing up.

Hopefully there is a configuration entry some where to fix this. If not lightDM here I come.
Here is a description. Bad move in my opinion.

Password Peeking

Any part of the GNOME Shell system UI that lets you enter a password (e.g., permission prompt, Wi-Fi network password, etc) now has a visibility toggle in the password field. This lets you ‘peek’ at the password you enter to double-check it’s correct.

EDIT: Worse than I thought, same thing in the permission window for GParted and other permission windows. So going to lightDM won’t fix the problem.