GMOD d3d device not found fix

Hi everyone!
In case if you’re playing GMOD via Proton and encountered error “failed to create d3d device” recently, here are two solutions how to fix it:

1. Launch game every time in windowed mode and set borderless or fullscreen via in-game settings:

  • Just launch GMOD with this launch option and then just change resolution in-game.

PROTON_SET_GAME_DRIVE=1 %command% dxlevel 90 -windowed

2. Launch game with borderless mode and your monitor resolution:

  • Set GMOD launch options to

PROTON_SET_GAME_DRIVE=1 %command% -dxlevel 90 -multirun -windowed -noborder -w yourmonitorwidth -h yourmonitorheight

  • Where yourmonwidth and yourmonheight are your monitor resolution (For example 1920x1080)

Just wanted to share useful information for GMOD lovers. Thanks for reading this!

UPD: This error can be encountered even on native build of GMOD


Nice to know, been thinking of buying this for a while now

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