Global themes load failed , why?

I’ve had this problem for many days, every time the global themes keeps loading, but it never loads successfully, I don’t know it is .
Where has the configuration been changed and what should I do?

I really hope to get your help, thank you

Endeavour provides only a minimal plasma. you need the package for this.

Or you can install the complete plasma-meta package. Everything is included in it.

thanks for your answer, bug it doesn’t work . I have installed packagekit-qt5 and plasma-meta package, but also load failed .

I thought, is there a source of configuration information that does not load?

Did you perform an update? What was updated?

I don’t know what update

Just do
sudo pacman -Syu
You might need to reboot. Then report what happens

I have done pacman -Syu , is OK , no error

how to report ?

You don’t need to report anything, everything is ok.
Sorry, i’m not that deeply rooted in plasma. You’ll have to get help from another user!

Pacman says that discover depends on these packages:
knewstuff kidletime qt5-graphicaleffects appstream-qt archlinux-appstream-data kirigami2 discount kuserfeedback purpose qt5-webview

and optionally depends on these packages
packagekit-qt5 flatpak fwupd

For me it loads just fine, so if this doesn’t work. It might just be a problem in your region?

thanks you very much , this problem is troble for me a month :tired_face:

thanks for your answer , the dependences that I have installed all , and I also tried the ladder and it didn’t work .

There are several bugs upstream.
You may want to look for a similar to yours and contribute, or create a new bug report.

Thanks you , I have reported ticket . See