Global themes install failed problem

Now,I use system interface to upgrade global themes,but it doesn’t work ,I don’t know the problem

hope get your help , thank you very much

Hardware info :
boot info :

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What is the message being displayed? Which theme or is it all themes? (Some themes will not install properly this way/through discover)

ok, I just now try again , many themes is download failed , few themes can download success .

Do you know local download and install themes methods ?

Unsure what the issue might be.

If you want to install you can also go here

Some themes have great instructions written on how to install them from a download or you can use ocs-url which is available here

If you can’t work it out get back to me and I’ll install one with screenshots for you

the problem is solved , but also a little stuck

What is the translation of the error displayed in the screenshot ?

As asked by @smokey as well.

What exactly are you stuck with?

When I had encountered problems like this, then closing and starting up again had fixed issues for me.

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I thought the problem was solved, but there it was again,

error message is that :

download xxx , connection already close 

I’m not sure but it maybe that something from the kdeplasma-addons or discover package may be needed, I install both of these from the begining of using this setup

I believe it is happening from KDE’s side.