Global Theme with blur in KDE Plasma 6

Hi friends.

I’ve been using Kvantum with several Global Themes to make them fully transparent, but finally I ended up uninstalling Kvantum.

But I remember that you could get Global Themes with blur for Dolphin without having Kvantum installed, but it doesn’t seem to work anymore in KDE 6.0.

For example, these Global Themes for KDE 6.0:

As you can see, it looks transparent with blur, but when I install it from “Get New…”, Dolphin it looks totally opaque.

If I remember correctly, this was possible without Kvantum in KDE 5.0, or am I wrong? (I mean blur, not full transparency, for full transparency you need Kvantum).

Also, I don’t understand why Konsole can get 100% transparency when downloading Themes without Kvantum, but Dolphin cannot.

What I really want is this, but I don’t even know how to get it:

(By the way I’m using x11, in case this might be important)

Thanks in advance friends.

Well I gave up on Kvantum long ago, to menny issues.
You can find settings for blur in display settings but currently has some issues:

Maby will work better with the new Plasma 6.1 update, and Nvidia 560 driver(whenever that will come out?)

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That last screenshot is definitely kvantum. That first link to the Stone theme shows only screenshots that use the Lightly theme. It was a nice attempt at making a new application theme, but development basically stopped from what I remember. That Orchis theme also looks to be using kvantum in the screenshots. Basically take a lot of those themes with a grain of salt.

In order to perceive blur, wouldn’t you need at least a little bit of transparency?

Back in the day. I used to use window rules for transparency and a kwin script called “force blur”. To do this, but I’m not sure if those are still around.

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Thank you friend.

I too uninstalled Kvantum and was trying to get the same effect without Kvantum.

Apparently in that thread, you can get that effect without Kvantum, but I can’t seem to find the configuration options which are mentioned there, so I’ll wait for KDE 6.1, maybe I’ll have better luck.

It was supposed to be released a couple of weeks ago, I guess KDE and Nvidia are going to be very late. :cry:

So Lightly is something like Kvantum, right?

Just as you say, I read that Lightly is abandoned, and a guy continued with the new version.

I think I need to install something like:

But even if it would work, I don’t know how many themes this Lightly would be compatible with.

About kwin scripts, I didn’t know about this, I will also investigate to see if I can find something.

Thanks again friend.

Plasma 6.1 has been out for some time now. You should already be on it if you are up to date.

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Ya … i don’t like kvantum either.

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What is the problem with Kvantum ?

In 5y, the only problem i’ve got was with it was when Plasma 6 rolled and the problem was just menus that was fully transparent (without blur). Checked the Github, a fix was already done, just had to use the git version (they rarely make release).

Updating my theme/icons to P6 was way more intensive. Still more work to do on my icons tbh :sweat_smile:

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Desktop: KDE Plasma v: 6.1.0 Distro: EndeavourOS

Omg, it’s true, thanks for letting me know!

I updated today, but it updated fast, so I thought the 6.1 update wasn’t out yet, as I never look at the available packages and update all the packages always.

By the way, sorry for the off topic, but is the Explicit Sync not available yet, until the nvidia 555 drivers are released?

By the way friends, I tried and installed lightly-kf5-git and lightly-kf6-git, the blur worked, but when I tried to edit the Plasma Style (as shown in the github tutorial), I got an error message and could not access the transparency settings.

So, Lightly is something like Kvantum, you must select the Plasma Style for it to work, otherwise it won’t work.

So what I’m looking for is not to depend on these packages, so I’ll keep looking for something to make blur or transparencies with Plasma default. I will try kwin scripts as suggested by one of our friends.

I will also keep reading in forums and so on, and will post a solution here when I have found it.

That is correct. I am using the 555 beta drivers myself.

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And apparently 560 will be the name of stable version of that driver to be released… Unknown?

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Yes, that’s what I read in a reddit thread posted yesterday.

I thought the 555 beta and 555 stable driver would come out, but apparently it doesn’t work that way, instead the 555 is the beta, and the 560 is the stable.

A bit weird but it seems to make sense that the “round numbers” are the stable ones, like the 550.90 I’m currently using.

Also, I read that it will be released in September (stable), I didn’t know it took so long to test the drivers.

Well yes graphics card Drivers take along time to test because of thy are big and complex and from what I read in the Nvidia forum 555 had a lot of issues.