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Hi all,

I am a new user of Linux (moving from Windows to EOS). I really love the concept of the global menu (appmenu displayed in the top bar). I managed to get almost all my apps to have that feature in KDE, except Zotero. After a quick GG search, I found out that Zotero is something similar to Firefox and someone has successfully exported the Firefox appmenu. However, I can not find anything similar for Zotero.

Do you have any idea to make it works for Zotero?
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Go here for downloads…

Thanks for the reply but my post is not about how to download Zotero.

Hi @ducthole,
I’m not a KDE matador. I played around a bit and can confirm Zotero is not ready to Global menu.
I’ve tinkered a bash script to minimize and unminimize zotero window and assigned it to Super+Y shortcut (for ergonomic reasons as I use qwertz)
cat ~/

#minimize / unminimize zorero window
if (xdotool search --onlyvisible --class zotero)
 xdotool search --onlyvisible --class zotero windowminimize %@
 xdotool search --class zotero windowmap %@ wmctrl -ia %@ 

(chmod +x is needed and xdotool wmctrl were installed with yay -S)
((I still haven’t catched the role of Global menu in case of Zotero either standalone or pigget backgy-backed on a browser. Zettlr can receive zotero id-s and is not Global menu compatible either.))
Just to get back to the original question: Chrome, Google Chrome, Chromium have Global menu and also Zotero connector extensions. Its more than nothing.

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Thanks for the confirmation @eso. I guess that I have to live with it forever :smile: