Give the choice to opt into dracut

I use to love this distro and I use it on most of my servers, laptops, and my desktop. But why would you switch to dracut!!! mkinitcpio works great and it wasn’t broke, don’t fix it. If the user is so concerned about what builds their initramfs then let them decide to opt in to dracut. I am not a fan of this change and I wont be using EndeavorOS anymore for any of my endeavors.

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Switching to mkinitcpio is a minor task if that is your preference.

That being said, dracut is superior to mkinitcpio in almost all ways. It is more broadly supported, it automates many things that require manual configuration with mkinitcpio and it is under more active development.


You can say the same thing for mkinitcpio.
If you are so concerned about using dracut, converting to mkinitcpio is very easy.
We just provide a set of default that we feel give the best desktop experience. But that’s our opinioned version of desktop experience.
If you don’t like that you are very well welcome to change those things. Our systems are meant to be flexible to be tinkered by the user to their heart’s content


As a just-a-user, after switching to dracut boot time is almost half of what it was.
To me, given that this is a rolling release that may require to reboot after some updates, this is great. :+1:

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