GIMP Resynthesizer pugin AUR not working

This plugin installs and looks to have everything in order, but when you open up gimp (even after reboot) and go to filters>Enhanced there is no “heal-selection” or other plugins from it to be found.

any idea how to make this work?

they are all located in /usr/lib/gimp/2.0.plug-ins/
→ I do not understand why it’s not showing up in gimp.

aur/gimp-plugin-resynthesizer-git 2.0.3.r23.gb6ff907-1 (+209 0.03) (Installed: 2.0.3.r24.gecfc4e7-1)

The issue here seems to be that the maintainer isn’t willing to add one of the dependencies. It appears that installing python2-gimp is required.

Of course, you should be aware that you are installing a bunch of unmaintained or marginally maintained software.

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aha. thank you for calrifying. I will be deleting that plugin.

again thank you for your help

i would use the GIMP flatpak if you want that and some of the other big plugins as they are available from flathub easily

Lack of heal-selection was the reason I moved using GIMP Appimage. No need to install separate plugins.

But gimp appimage is really old (gimp version 2.10.22) and not maintained.

Actually, I’m using appimage GIMP 2.10.25 withplugins-x86_64. It’s true it’s quite old, but to me is most important it just works.