Gimp not drag and drop with wayland

Hi guys.
in gimp does not work drag and drop with wayland. In manjaro if it works.
Am I missing something? Thank you.

What about x11? Wayland is still buggy on kde to my knowledge but I might be wrong. I only tried Wayland on gnome.

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with X11 it works fine… but in wayland manjaro it works fine.

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Kubuntu 22.04, the next LTS due in April, probably will not have Wayland as the default session but here’s one distro that currently has Wayland as the default for its KDE Plasma:

With the release of Plasma 5.24, a first for KaOS can be announced. Wayland on Plasma is in such a good shape that it now can be the default session for KaOS.

But I understand that their focus is on Qt apps working in Wayland and so they may not have looked at GIMP.


  • have you looked at the RHS sidebar in They have some hints for Wayland.
  • how did you install GIMP on both EndeavourOS & Manjaro?
  • what about xwayland?
  • Also, how did you install KDE Plasma on EndeavourOS? Maybe you need to install some more packages?
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hello… also in kaos, gimp does not work drag and drop.

  1. In I don’t see anything that helps me.
  2. In kaos install gimp with octopi.
    -In manjaro install gimp with Open add/Remove sotware
    -In endeavourOS install gimp from the terminal: sudo pacman -S gimp.
  3. With xwayland… I don’t know, I’m new and I don’t know the difference with wayland… I’m lost in this.
    4.I installed kde on EndeavourOS atlantis neo… on boot select EndeavourOS default 886_64, Bios), install online, select: * base-devel + common packages *Kde-Desktop and Printing-support. Is an additional package needed?

I don’t use GIMP or KDE Plasma 5.24 but from what I’ve read, GIMP in the standard repos isn’t yet able to run on pure Wayland. You’re probably using xwayland (something that let’s X11 applications run in a Wayland session).

A flatpak for GIMP maybe worth a look?

Please wait for someone who knows more about KDE Plasma to help answer whether you need to install some more software to get GIMP running properly.