GIMP: experimenting with layers - getting some effects with back and fore-ground

dear community

first of all: yesterday i adressed a GIMP-question here - and i was really surprised that in less than 2 hours - awesome replies were made. Thank you: youve helped me yesterday - with the hint - and the link to the tutorial; this was very very helpful: Many thanks for all you help you provide here.

Well i am currently doing some experiments -with GIMP and this helps alot:

its great to see that we can adress questions and topic of such a wide range - not only in regard of the EOS Operating System - but also also questions regarding programs like GIMP

Well at the moment i think about the idea of creating a image that looks alike this attached one.
i have a image (some people) and i love to create a second layer that “plays” with the colors - like the example. How to approach - how to get started here: Is this second layer created with some special GIMP Effects like a blurr-effect or something like that!?

Can you give me a starting point here - how to get started here!?

look forward to hear from you


See the image - how to get such a effect - how to create a layer that goes fom one color to the another - and enables me to put a image “behind” or in front - in a second layer…!?

I am no expert on gimp but I can try.

  • import an image to a layer 1
  • create a new layer 2 (at the bottom is fill with transparency)
  • the layer 2 should be above the layer with the image (it will cover it)
  • select your two colors under tools - foreground and background color
  • select tool gradient (it is under bucker fill when you long press the icon) - shortcut G
  • under tool options select from the top:
    – opacity about 50%
    – gradient (it is the icon right under opacity) and select “FG to BG (RGB)”
    – shape - linear
    – click on left side of your image and drag to the right side - you should see the desired efect

many thanks dear Vlkon
youve helped me alot. I am very very glad…

thread is solved

Do you mean a gradient? You could crete a similar effect by filling a layer with the gradient and placing it above the layer you want the effect on. For this you need to change the layers transcparency level and ajust to your liking. (Note this is very basic and there are often multiple steps needs to be taken)

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