Getting tigervnc server set up on rpi

I am trying to get Tigervnc server to work on EndeavourOS Arm on a Raspberry Pi 4. So far, an attempt to connect only illicits “Connection refused”. This was after starting the vnc server with the following command:

$ x0vncserver -rfbauth ~/.vnc/passwd &

The server reports that it is listening on port 5900, but I still can’t get a VNC viewer client connection. Pi OS comes pre-configured with VNC, so this is my first attempt to install a vnc server first hand. Any suggestions appreciated. I’ll continue trying in the meantime.

Are you running a firewall? If so, did you open that port?

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Not running a firewall. I tried specifically both with port 5900 specified, and without. Supposedly port 5900 is the default for the VNC client.

Are you running tigervnc when x11 is already running on the system? Then it won’t run.

Try using x11vnc instead