Getting that purple back after new DE installation

So I vanilla installed EndeavourOS on my laptop. I went with the offline installation which currently comes with the KDE-Plasma desktop. After a while I wanted to switch back to GNOME. I did the eos-packagelist installation process as provided in the community. And I removed almost everything that was KDE from my laptop. But then the purple (which is an essential part of the EndeavourOS theme) vanished. It was like a vanilla GNOME with no purple. Even though I could work fine as a student on GNOME and found the workflow options minimal and suited to my needs, I was kind of sad of removing the purple. Can anyone please guide me to get that purple theming into gnome again? With the default adwaita themes.

I may be wrong on this but isn’t it bundled with this stuff?

Nope. The purple theming is gone after installing a new DE.

As far as know all other desktops come without theming but I may be wrong (i3wm is the only other I can think of)

I don’t think GNOME has a “theme” other than a wallpaper really. What else do you want purple?

Maybe the system-Tray…? It’s blue by default in GNOME. And all the directories in the nautilus are blue.

Not all DE/WM have an EOS theme. E.g. i3 receives its theming through the endeavouros-xfce4-terminal-colors and eos-lightdm-slick-theme packages. I assume the GNOME version receives its theming through arc-gtk-theme-eos, at least that’s the only theming related package in the pkg-list for GNOME. Have you tried installing that package and selecting the respective theme in the theming menu?


Also, you can defintely change the color of nautilus. I’m trying to remember how I did it. I use the “gnome” icon theme color though which is brown. They have tons of colors though. I got it from AUR or gnome-themes I think, then put it in the correct directory and it was then available in tweaks to change.


Wow!! It worked. Thanks a lot.

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