Getting rid of grub customizer and restoring vanilla grub

Hi guys, been with EndeavourOS for a year and just loving it. Most stable distro I’ve ever had, and I’ve been distro-hopping for years.

Now to my issue: a few months ago I installed “grub customizer” from the repo and it’s been working fine. Lately, however, arch decided to disable os-prober and this wasn’t a problem until I installed MX-Linux on my other drive. I ran grub customizer to add it automatically to grub but got error messages. Tried to add the line to grub.cfg about re-enabling os-prober but it didn’t work, probably bc grub customizer took over grub and created its own config files.

So, I thought it would be better to remove grub customizer completely and restore old vanilla grub, and maybe from there re-enable os-prober. Any step-by-step directions to do this in a smooth and straightforward way?


Please perform the steps described in the post below to rebuild the Grub environment:

Note that if you are on MBR/Legacy boot you need to adapt the step 6 to install the bootloader into MBR of your disk.

After reboot, if everything is well, uninstall Grub Customizer and remove the .old remains. Btw, if I remember correctly, MX Linux uses a modified Grub which can create a correct entry in grub.cfg for Arch-based systems so you could use that also, if you wish so, to boot your EnOS.

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Thank you pebcak and yes, I’m on MBR/Legacy boot; any details on the changes to make to step 6? I’m not sure I can adapt them correctly… :slight_smile:

This is for installing bootloader for MBR/Legacy boot:

sudo grub-install --target=i386-pc dev/sdX

Replace X to point to the appropriate disk: a, b, c, etc


Great, many thanks!
And yes, MX-Linux can boot my EndeavourOS system, but I wanted first to clean my EnOS grub configuration and learn in the process.
Cheers! :+1:

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Are you running the new MX 21 yet.

No, not yet, it’s still in beta; I think the final version comes out in September.

I’m running it with no issue. I think it’s much better. Gets rid of the 4.19 kernel and has the 5.10

Edit: It’s also Debian 11

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Did everything you advised and all went fine, thanks! :+1: