Getting KDEConnect to use Kvantum theme outside of Plasma

First off, I know this is similar to a question posted nearly three years ago. However, that was specific to XFCE and I don’t want to resurrect an old thread so I’ll start it anew here.

What I’m finding is that, while the KDEConnect “Configure…” dialog will respect the globally set QT or Kvantum theme, the rest of KDEConnect does not. However, I have learned that it will use the colors defined in ~/.config/kdeglobals. So, here’s what I’ve done…

  1. Installed Kvantum and Kvantum-qt5
    (don’t really need both but, as long as we’re setting this up, might as well do it for both)

  2. Open qt5ct and qt6ct and set them both to use Kvantum

  3. Use Kvantum to select the theme you want and verify it’s showing up in the “Configure…” dialog of KDEConnect (may need to log out and log back in, but generally not). The rest of KDEConnect is still not going to respect the theme at this point.

  4. There are two options from here…
    a) Find the theme you want to use in /usr/share/color-schemes and simply copy-and-paste everything in that theme into ~/.config/kdeglobals

    b) Just symlink to it…
    [ I.E. sudo ln -s /usr/share/color-schemes/KVTHEME HOME/.config/kdeglobals ]

Verify the symlink was created and, you shouldn’t even need to logout and back in.

NOTE: I find it a bit odd that Kvantum doesn’t just do this automatically. Maybe an issue with my setup, maybe kdeglobal is a depreciated approach. If someone with more experience with Plasma and Kvantum has any thoughs, love to hear them.