Getting CPU-IO wait errors software problem or hardware?

My hard drive on one of my OLD Dell 4th gen I7’s runs all the time, and system monitor shows High CPU I/O waiting, with occasional CPU_IO WAIT WARNINGS in red.

I’m suspecting the hardware, the Hard drive is almost brand new, but the machine was bought as a used machine about a year ago and hasn’t had much use, kept as a backup machine.

Any thoughts on a piece of software that might troubleshoot this? All I have is system monitor, but maybe that’s sufficient.

I’ve found the software command ‘Top’. which is showing the same problem with I/O must probably be the motherboard Disk controller.

Probably htop is installed as well, which is a little easier to read than top.

Check also the journal for errors as you investigate.

journalctl -p 3 -xb

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