Getting black screen when booting

Recently my installed kernels (LTS and Zen) were upgraded and I’m getting a black screen with a message “Overclocking” instead of Login screen.

I gotta press CTRL+ALT+F2 to open a new text-based login prompt then I return with CTRL+ALT+F1 then the expected Login screen is showed. This anomaly happens by booting with both kernels.

I haven’t made any changes my BIOS, I have reviewed its values and there is no change. Any solution?

you might have a look here
maybe it will help …

What does your Uefi-bios say in regards to CPU frequencies? Is there a way to lower them? Did you take a look at acpi_cpufreq (in my link given)?

$ cpupower frequency-info 
analyzing CPU 6:
  driver: acpi-cpufreq
  CPUs which run at the same hardware frequency: 6
  CPUs which need to have their frequency coordinated by software: 6
  maximum transition latency:  Cannot determine or is not supported.
  hardware limits: 1.55 GHz - 3.80 GHz
  available frequency steps:  3.80 GHz, 2.25 GHz, 1.55 GHz
  available cpufreq governors: conservative ondemand userspace powersave performance schedutil
  current policy: frequency should be within 1.55 GHz and 3.80 GHz.
                  The governor "schedutil" may decide which speed to use
                  within this range.
  current CPU frequency: Unable to call hardware
  current CPU frequency: 1.37 GHz (asserted by call to kernel)
  boost state support:
    Supported: no
    Active: no

My OS has been working fine for months, but with recent updates to kernels, I’m getting this anomaly.

Working with latest machines on a rolling distro eventually leads to such situations, as all proprietary hardware from uncountable vendors can’t be included in new kernels. Just impossible.

Working with a non-rolling distro (and that would be non-Arch, perhaps Deb based) will probably do it for you.

(I know, in the old days, messengers with bad news were beheaded on the spot, chuckle.)

It’s not a problem of hardware, I reinstalled from scratch and it’s working fine now.

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