Getting back to windows 11

Hey all,
So here is the thing, when I first installed endeavour os + hyprland on my laptop I erased by whole disk, so what I have left is just endeavouros.
Can someone pls tell the whole step-by-step precedure to uninstall endeavour os and install windows 11 on the spare laptop.

PS: I will be getting an additional drive which I will use for endaevour os

If the laptop originally shipped with Win11 you should be able to just download the official Win 11 iso from here, and then either burn yourself a DVD with it or use something like Etcher to make a bootable USB drive.

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any wiki to uninstall endeavouros when it’s not in dual boot?

There’s no need to ‘uninstall’ an existing OS if your plan is to wipe the disk entirely and go to Windows - you can just blow the whole partition table away when going through the Windows installation process and have it create a new one.

means while booting up the system I just change the preference order to usb in the UEFI firmware settings

Yes. Download W11, burn it bootable to a USB drive and enter the BIOS when the PC is booting, select it (or move it to the top of the boot order), Save (usually F10) and reboot and it should boot into the bootable USB drive where you can install Windows.

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Thank you for the reply!
But I have done it already, also if anyone faces issue with the drive not showing up first download Intel rapid technology storage drivers for you model either from your laptop brand website(recommend, as it was what helped me) or from the intel website. You can download it on that drive itself in the seperate folder.

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