Get rid of wayland AND pipewire?

Hello folks: I am totally fed up with wayland and pipewire, so I’d like so much to get rid of both.

Not scared of rebuilding my system from scratch, but since it’s been working so good for over one year, I’d love to try and just cleanse it.
Reason? Call it pure hate. And/or I’m too old. And/or I want to.

My situation: Using bspwm only for years - other stacking DE non needed any longer.


Distro: EndeavourOS Linux x86_64
Model: PC BOX
Kernel: 5.15.50-1-lts
Pac: 1700 (pacman)
Shell: zsh 5.9
Res: 1920x1080
WM: bspwm
Theme: Arc-Dark [GTK3]
Icons: Arc-X-P [GTK3]
Term: alacritty
Terminal Font: JetBrains Mono
CPU: Intel Pentium J4205 (4) @ 2.600GHz [60.0°C]
GPu: Intel Celeron N3350/Pentium N4200/Atom E3900 Series

Not needed/expendable: Cinnamon/muffin, telegram-desktop.
Really wanted: only dunst, mpd and mpv.
Really unwanted: pipewire and wayland

pacman -R pipewire:

:: dependency ‘’ required by gst-plugin-pipewire
:: dependency ‘’ required by mpd
:: dependency ‘pipewire’ required by muffin
:: dependency ‘pipewire>=0.3.39’ required by pipewire-media-session
:: dependency ‘’ required by pipewire-media-session
:: dependency ‘pipewire’ required by telegram-desktop

pacman -R wayland

:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by dunst
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by gst-plugins-bad
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by gtk3
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by gtk4
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by lib32-wayland
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by libva
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by mesa
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by mpv
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by waylandpp
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by webkit2gtk
:: dependency ‘wayland’ required by wpebackend-fdo

I could/would try to remove the unwanted dependencies one by one, but something inside tells me it could turn into a nightmare of sub-dependencies.

And I can of course start it all over again - but I prefer to kindly ask before.

…You geeks/jinn/gods/orishas/sorcerers up there have no suggestions - have You??

All the best and thanks in advance, Piero

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If you are not afraid of a complete disaster you could use the -Rdd but I am quite certain you are making a jump into a minefield.

Unless you are completely terminal - not as in terminal ill :grin: - you may have noticed that gtk seems to require wayland which makes it next to impossible to have a system without.


Have a look at the following wiki article for how to switch to Pulseaudio:


You’re using BSPWM? And Wayland? :thinking:

I thought BSPWM is an Xorg WM… Are you sure you’re using Wayland?

Just because Wayland is installed, does not mean you’re not using Xorg. Wayland is a dependency for many packages.

You have Pacman inside of you? You might want to see a doctor for that :rofl:

Sorry, that was a stupid joke…

You (Mr. Root) and you all who have kindly answered: THANKS - so appreciated.

I basically agree with what you (all) say: and just to answer to some legit and implicit questions of yours:

No, I’m not in a terminal condition, if you mean close-to-death :slight_smile: : but I’m freaking terminal-maniac and bloody desktop-sick.

About Wayland: I use Linux for leisure and for work, also. And happens I need & want & choose VNC for remote assistance: and if I wanted to use some Microsoft Remote Desktop, I would be using a Microsoft environment. Moreover, me and Xorg/X11 have been in mutual love since its birth.
And anyway no: Wayland is not welcome here - at all. They say “it’s the future”: ok, I’ll mull it over when I’m grown up.
More explicit? “Wayland sucks.”

Pipewire… let’s say I don’t really hate it, although for my needings I still can’t figure out why the heck I have to use it: I mean, since when I met (Slackware, ~10 floppies?) Linux back in the late 90ies, I learnt I had/wanted to tailor it the way I chose and needed.
And I think this is one of the main reasons why today I use Arch (BTW): otherwise, I would stick to Canonical.

…That’s all: I’ll save you all my pills of wisdom about systemd (LOL), and meanwhile I’ll bear my (unrequested) burdens - at least until the n-th un-needed glitch will have me restart from scratch.

Joking apart: THANK YOU ALL , truely.

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No, my witty friend: I DO use bspwm, and of course I DO/WANT-TO NOT use Wayland: what pisses me off is that I have to uselessly see/update/etc it.

As far as what’s inside me, I’m flattered of your interest - please feel free to check by yourself. But be warned, I don’t kiss on first date. Peace.

If you’re not using wayland, what’s the problem then?

That’s good, it’s not healthy.


If you really can’t stand those 789,3 KB, nuke it with -Rdd as @Root mentioned… Good luck.

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Did I ever mention I don’t want it because of its weight in KB? Pls, no cognitive bias tricks - please.

I don’t get the fuzz about why wayland being present is so much of an issue for you. So, again, just nuke it…

If you think there are unnecessary depencies to wayland in some packages, report it at the arch bug-tracker or mailinglist or bbs :man_shrugging:

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Don’t try to persuade an oldie! :older_man: . You"ll never succeed!! :rofl:

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