"Generic" icons in the Deepin dock

Hello, all! Brand new EndeavorOS user here (as of yesterday), though not new to Arch (I also use Manjaro) or Deepin (I replaced the previous Deepin version with EndeavorOS) but still somewhat new to Linux (since last December). I’m posting this here because I think it’s a Deepin issue and not strictly EndeavorOS. I trust the Admin team will re-locate this if I’m wrong.

Everything about the install went just fine. So, too, the installation of Pamac. And, because of Manjaro, I already knew about having to enable AUR in Add & Remove Software, how package are built via AUR, etc. In fact, my first two builds were Vivaldi and Brave browsers.

Thanks to the development team for not bloating EndeavorOS with LibreOffice and Thunderbird which I always uninstall immediately in favor of FreeOffice and Geary, respectively. Geary installed quickly (since it came from the Approved repository) and FreeOffice built with no problem.

My question is about the icons that have appeared within the Deepin dock for FreeOffice. When Vivaldi, Brave, Geary and FreeOffice were all installed, the icons that appear on the desktop within Launcher are all correct (that being: icons that I have come to associate as “logos” for that software), When I right-clicked on the first 3 when they opened in the panel to add them to the dock, those same icon designs loaded in. Not so for FreeOffice, however.

No, even though the icons for the 3 elements of FreeOffice are correct as they are displayed in the Launcher, what appears in the panel when they are opened are very unfamiliar icons. Then, when I right-clicked on them to Add to Dock, the icons that appeared in the dock were yet another design that’s somewhat generic…looking a bit like a gear (though not the same as that for the Control Center).

Is there some reason why, with all of the above installations performed without a hitch, the proper icons for the other package all got brought over to the Deepin Dock…but not so for FreeOffice?

Which icon set do you have selected?

Can we see a screenshot?

dalto, I have whatever icon set came with the installation. The one and only decision with anything to do with theming or icons was when I answered “yes” to installing the EndeavourOS/Deepin wallpaper.

I’ll work on a screenshot. If this was Windows or Android, I’d have that in a flash. Not sure about Linux but I think I saw an app for a screenshot within what came with EndeavourOS. Gotta admit: my Win 10 Dell desktop PC is still my “mother ship” and my Linux laptops are my “peripheral devices” for trying/using/exploring Linux distros.

Don’t worry about the screenshot. I just finished testing it.

It is just the default deepin icon set uses a generic icon for libreoffice

If you go into settings->personalization->icon theme you can select a different icon theme if it bothers you.

You meant FreeOffice, right? I have not (and will not) install LibreOffice. It’s not that it bothers me…the generic icons are certainly functional. I was just puzzled by how/why the correct icons could appear in one place and not be picked up in another.

I’ll check out the other icon sets…thanks for the quick response!

I did actually test libreoffice. I suspect freeoffice will work the same but let me install it and double-check.

OK, the freeoffice situation is a little different. The reason for that difference is that the freeoffice .desktop file sets an icon and the dde-dock doesn’t honor it.

I guess you can add that issue to the pile of deepin v20 issues.

Interesting. And odd, no? Even more so by the fact that the previous Deepin DE did honor those icons and displayed them just fine. Is this something that, if addressed by the developers, would self-correct with a future DE update? Or would it require a new installation?

Thanks so much for bird-dogging my question to the point of even doing test installations of the package! I’m impressed!

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Yes, if they fix/change it, the updates will flow in normally with other updates.

Keep in mind that dde v20 is beta software so there are quite a few things that are imperfect. It is definitely usable, but it needs a lot of polish and some features from v15 are no longer there.

Indeed! And the Control Center is notable among them! A lot of reviewers (Tom of Switched to Linux being one) applauded this change and claimed the right-side screen pullout for the Control Center was initially cool but hard to actually live with. I guess I was among the few that never found it a problem and actually liked it if, for no other reason, it helped make the Deepin DE different when so many DEs are slight variations on the same basic idea.

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Hey, dalto, guess what? I found a different (and much better) way! Problem solved!

Recap: previously (and based on what I’d done with other DEs), I had started up FreeOffice, which put something of an “active app” icon in the panel next to the dock. From there, I right-clicked on that icon and selected Add to Dock…which gave me the aforementioned “generic” icon.

As it turns out, when you right-click on the icon that’s displayed by the Launcher, you get a menu with more choices – one of which is Send to Dock. That one, in fact, puts the proper icon in the dock!

Just a Deepin quirk, I guess!