Geeqie(extra) immediately crashes when opening

[latest eos, geeqie, kde, etc.]
Hi, Geeqie Image Viewer(2.1-4 from extra repo) instantly crashes/closes as soon as I open it by itself or via image. The Icon for it quickly flashes and then vanishes, doesnt even leave behind a zombie process or something.
The error message when launched via terminal is like this:

geeqie: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

This error doesnt exist in geeqies github issues. The extra version of libjxl 0.9 is installed on my system.
Ive used it for quite some time and since the system update yesterday it wont work at all anymore. Building it from source manually via the github instructions made it work, but .webp images dont work and only show up as black images. This is a pretty old bug that I cant quite believe reappeared. As .webp images worked flawlessly a few days ago. When its built libwebp is there and it also shows true for webp support when building, so I dont think im missing any dependencies.
Does anyone have an idea about this?
I need Geeqie specifically because its very simple and easy to compare two or four images next to each other in the same window/instance. If someone knows of an image viewer where comparison is easy and it can view webp at 12k+ resolutions I’ll happily switch.

To see if I could help you, I just installed Geeqie. I’m afraid I can’t reproduce your error.
Geegie works without problems.

sudo pacman -Q libjxl
libjxl 0.9.1-1

sudo pacman -Q geeqie
geeqie 2.1-5

I should add I’m running this on Plasma6/Qt6, so perhaps my test is not representative.

Same libjxl, though I cant find -5 geeqie anywhere. Neither via yay, pacman, pacseek. The latest there is 2.1-4?
Im on KDE 5.27.10 and not in any beta Versions.
Is it possible to install libjxl 0.8 alongside my current version?

I’m sorry, I can’t say, but expect it wouldn’t be possible.

I’m on kde-unstable and testing repo’s (as I’m testing Plasma 6). That will explain why I’ve got 5 and you can’t find it.

I’m sorry not to be of more help.